Mentice acquires Ankyras solutions from Galgo Medical SL

Corporate Governance

Senior Management

Mentice management team consist of 11 members including the CEO and it has competences and experience from research and development, quality assurance, marketing, production and sales in the field of medical simulation. The role of the CEO is subordinate to the board of directors and the CEO’s main task is to carry out the Company’s ongoing management and the daily activities of the Company. The rules of procedure of the board of directors and the instructions for the CEO stipulate which matters the board of directors shall resolve upon, and which matters that fall within the CEO’s area of responsibility. Furthermore, the CEO is responsible for preparing reports and necessary information for decision-making prior to board meetings and presents the material at board meetings together with the CFO.

Management Team

Göran Malmberg

Group CEO & President

Gunilla Andersson

Chief Financial Officer

Matar Dakhil

Executive Vice President, Global Medical Device Industry

Kjell Asserlind

Vice President & General Manager, EMEA/CIS

Martin Harris

Vice President, Marketing

Maria Thilmann

Vice President, Human Resources

Jan Grund Pedersen

Vice President, Strategic Alliances & Business Development

Thanos Karras

Vice President & General Manager, Americas

Edward Fält

Vice President, Product & Strategy

Henrik Storm

Chief Technology Officer

Pontus Appelqvist

Vice President & General Manager, APAC