Mentice AB (publ) initiates the recruitment of new CEO
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Mentice has received a 2.26 million USD order for simulation solutions from a top 20 global MedTech company
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Corporate Governance


Mentice is a global company with operations worldwide. It is therefore obvious for Mentice to work for diversity and equality, which for example can be seen by the fact that the company has 21 nationalities employed in the group. Mentice’s operations comply with local regulations as well as national and international ethics rules. Mentice has a Code of Conduct policy, and all employees get training every year. Mentice also strives to minimize the use of resources in production and to achieve continuous environmental improvements. Mentice expects its suppliers to do the same. Mentice strives to have a positive impact on the countries in which the company operates, and Mentice follows the OECD’s Transfer Pricing guidelines, which work for a fair allocation of the company’s taxes between the countries in which it operates. Mentice believes that part of its success depends on the culture, experience and approach that characterizes the organization, and the company strives continuously to maintain an environment free from discrimination which means a consensus with regards to equality and diversity for the entire business of Mentice. The company also works actively to increase the number of women among its employees in typical male positions. Mentice works actively to improve the situation in healthcare where high workloads and outdated working methods are often a cause of burnout and insufficient quality of the delivered healthcare. The company is convinced that a better structure for training and continuous improvement, including an open dialogue on improvement, will radically improve the working environment as well as quality and results.